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Fantasy wallpaper
Posted by Ilescu | 21 May 2017| General

“Come with me, where dreams are born, and time is never planned.” Peter Pan Once upon a time, the MyStart team came up with the idea of making the dashboard of our computers a fairytale. This is the origin of the Fantasy new tab Chrome extensions. Come with us where unicorns walk over the rainbow, magic fairies...

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Earth Day
Posted by Ilescu | 21 April 2017| General

Hello, Earth! Today is your day. Now is your moment. You spoil us with your beauty and you remind us every instant of how powerful you are. You are our home-the place we’ve seen the light for the first time and the place we become dust. Today we praise your majesty and remind ourselves that...

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Top seven waterfalls
Posted by Ilescu | 11 April 2017| General

Paradise exists. It can be admired through the most amazing shapes of nature such as oceans, mountains, trees, animals, birds, insects, dust … waterfalls. Water is life. Waterfalls are a piece of art that was given to us to impress, to inspire and to keep alive. One of the recent MyStart new tab Chrome extensions...

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News wallpaper
Posted by Ilescu | 16 February 2017| General

Would you like to be informed about the most important events happing in the world? Don’t want to miss any of Donald Trump’s moves? Want to be on track with economic trends? Are you passionate about sports and would like to be up to date? Trending now is one of the latest features added to...

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Leaves wallpaper
Posted by Ilescu | 19 October 2016| General

Inspired by the greatest painter on earth-Autumn, MyStart new tab Chrome extensions bring the rainbow’s palette with its colors and shades to your virtual world. Every single new tab offers a new outstanding image of a well-known place or a little-forgotten corner of this Earth worth being discovered. It highlights amazing creatures, unique locations, and...

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instagram mystart wallpaper
Posted by Ilescu | 30 August 2016| General

MyStart now has Instagram! How exciting! We will be posting images of MyStart new tab extensions, “making of” pictures and video tutorials. We will share with inspiring content that will make your day. Follow us today @mystartnewtab or click MyStart Instagram!

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Thailand wallpaper
Posted by Ilescu | 24 August 2016| General

Every August I close my eyes with a wish. I want to stop time so summer never ends. But autumn is coming suddenly again, followed by winter and spring. Another nine months wait to enjoy the magnificence of the sunniest season. This year, we can virtually make it happen! We can stop time and make...

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