Known for its silky coat and angelic look, the Yorkshire terrier might be small in size, but has a big personality. The breed, which originated from Scotland before relocating in the city from the same name in England, is also full of interesting facts you might have never heard of. Here are just a few but you can check out our lovely My Yorkshire collection of wallpaper images. Different time, different name Believe it or not, Yorkshire Terriers used to have a different name. Before being brought to England, they were known as Broken-haired Scotch terriers in Scotland for almost a decade. But because most of their development took place in Yorkshire, England, their name changed in 1870 and hasn’t changed ever since. Yorkies’ small size and agility were very helpful during the mid-1800’s, as they were bred for catching rats in mines. They were also effective to borrow underground…

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the series of new tab Chrome extensions specialized for girls, women, ladies, young women, demoiselles, schoolgirls, mothers, daughters, grandmothers and all the representatives of the XX chromosomes combination – Girly Life. We are introducing eleven (the Fashion’s eleven) absolutely gorgeous new tab Chrome extensions for females or anybody who feels like beauty will save the world. From now on your internet browser should be trending with your fashion and style. Let’s impress even with the screen of your computer. Small details matter. Any girl would agree! It is so easy to fall in love and keep singing “Love is in the air” while seeing the world through some pink glasses. A blank page on the computer screen is so boring. Girly Life Love new tab is here to make your feeling even deeper, so when you open a new tab it feels like “Oh! Mon…

On July 4, 1776, the Declaration of Independence from England was adopted and the United States of America was officially born. This nation was to become the most powerful nation in the world. Ever since the Independence Day, also commonly known as the Fourth of July, the day has remained an important national holiday and a symbol of patriotism and unity.

Hello, Earth! Today is your day. Now is your moment. You spoil us with your beauty and you remind us every instant of how powerful you are. You are our home-the place we’ve seen the light for the first time and the place we become dust. Today we praise your majesty and remind ourselves that every day is your day. My Start new tab Chrome extensions are the virtual promoter of the most fascinating phenomenon of the Universe: You-Earth! Meet some of the New tab Chrome extensions glorifying the most beautiful and dear place in the whole Universe and beyond it: My Universe My Start My Baby Animals My Singing Birds My Mountains My Dolphins  My Dogs and Cats My Butterflies My Tropical Beach  My Flowers Install one of these amazing new tab Chrome extensions to discover the secrets of this wonderful world! Happy Earth Day! My Start Team

Paradise exists. It can be admired through the most amazing shapes of nature such as oceans, mountains, trees, animals, birds, insects, dust … waterfalls. Water is life. Waterfalls are a piece of art that was given to us to impress, to inspire and to keep alive.