Can Dogs See Things That We Can’t?

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According to the APPA National Pet Owner survey, 69% of American households own a pet dog.

One of the most common questions that dog owners usually ask is if their dogs can see things they can’t.

This one is still doing rounds with dog owners and people in general because dogs could sense or act upon things not visible to the human eye have increased considerably. While sometimes it spooks out people, other times it comes in as a handy quality of your best friend.

So Can Dogs See Things We Can’t?

Realistically the answer to this question is not simple as yes or no. This is the case because dogs have poorer eyesight than humans; the animal’s predator quality makes it susceptible to unseen objects. They mostly use their predatory senses or their amazing sense of smell that can be trained to identify things.

However, with that being said, dogs carry the tremendous ability to see ultraviolet rays. So this means that your pup can see a lot more than you ever can.

According to Wonderopolis, the human eye cannot see UV rays with naked eyes because they have wavelengths shorter than 380. In contrast, humans see light with wavelengths between 380 and 700. So the UV rays go undetected by the human eye.

3 Things Your Dog Can See That You Can’t

Now that you are aware that you can’t see ultraviolet rays, but your little pet furball can, here are some unique things that you can’t see but your dog can. Have a look!

1.  Anything Requiring Blacklight

Whether it is glow-in-the-dark makeup, apparel, tattoos, shoelaces, or almost anything that requires you to see the true effect with blacklight, it is visible in plain sight to your dog. Because your dog can see UV rays with its naked eye, it doesn’t require black light to see the glow. For the dog, it is just plan light like anything.

So next time you find him looking at your face all wide-eyed, blank after the rave party you recently attended, give the guy a treat because he just told you about the color you might have on your face that you can’t see right away.

2.  Your Glowing Teeth

Don’t be taken aback by this, but yes, it’s true. A lot of fluoride-based products like your regular toothpaste or mouth wash may make your teeth all glowy and shiny for your doggo. Even if you can’t see the promised effects right away, your dog probably thinks you have swallowed a flashlight like you allow it to carry in the dark for your assistance.

Moreover, there is also the method to the madness when it comes to your pup jumping over granny’s fake teeth. It turns out the effect is ditto if you wear dental prosthetics. It is just a glowing toy for your mate, and naturally, he would like to play with it.

3.  More Stars at Night

One of the best parts of traveling to camp near the countryside is just leaning back and admiring the amazing night sky. All lit up with stars and other celestial bodies that we don’t get to see back in the city. It turns out your dog doesn’t need to go camping for that feature. A quiet night in your backyard is more than enough for them to have a good look at the stars because of their ability to see UV rays, the same reason why our vision is restricted to see stars in the city.

In Conclusion,

Overall, a simple answer to someone asking if your dog can see things you can’t is to say yes and start bragging about your pup’s unique qualities. Cheers!

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