A Starter Guide for Getting a Dog If you have never had a dog or a pet before, then it can be quite overwhelming to start. As a new pet owner, you may not be aware of a lot of things that you should know about if you are getting a pet. What food should you give to your dog? What items will you need to care for your new pet? What toys to get for the dog? There are so many things that you should consider when getting a dog. Preparation is key so that when your new puppy arrives, you won’t be stressed out but rather enjoy some quality time with your pet. Here are some basic things that you should take into account so that you and your pet can enjoy a comfortable life. Prepare the Home The first thing that you need to make sure of…

How Emotional Support Animals Help You

There is more to emotional support animals than airline bans and red vests that people fail to understand. In a country where over 20% of the population is facing mental issues and illnesses, it is important to understand how emotional support animals (ESA) help people.

Commonly kept as house pets, iguanas are the largest type of lizards, native to the Caribbean and Central and South America. Known for their sharp teeth, their sturdy structure and their saggy skin around their throats and spine, these reptiles not only make great companions, but if cared for properly, they can live for about 20 years as pets. Here’s everything to know about iguanas.