New Tabs


Explore the animal planet, be drawn to the untamed world of wild animals. Reconnect to wild nature, install this new tab for Chrome. Wild animals are amazing. Enjoy wallpaper images such as cougars, strong bears, gorillas, barn owls, kangaroos and joeys, big elephants, endangered Malayan tigers, tall giraffes, leopards, grey wolves, monkeys, zebras, sweet lion cubs, hyenas, rare snow leopards, baboon monkeys, horn-bills, African ostriches, wild horses, mountain goats, cute penguins, and much more. Enjoy incredible HD wallpaper images of a different wild animal every time you open a new tab.

A flower is a love-some thing! Enjoy the magic of flowers with an amazing HD wallpaper for every new tab. Say I love you with flowers! My Flowers extension is designed to unravel the hidden mysteries, uncover the floral gems and open you up to a whole new language: the language of flowers.

Nobody can resist the cuteness of a baby animal. Enjoy adorable HD wallpapers with every new tab. Baby animals are a lot of fun! They are fluffy, soft, delicate, and beautiful. Enjoy HD wallpapers images of puppy, kitten, bunny rabbit, wolf cub, fox kit, dolphin, piglet, cougar, monkey, cheetah, giraffe, lion, horse, lamb, tiger cub, panda and koala bear, chipmunk, elephant, zebra and many more.

Customize your New Tab page for Chrome and enjoy wallpaper images of the universe with every New Tab. Enjoy a different HD wallpaper image of the galaxy, the universe, planets, star constellations, nebulas, and black holes with every New Tab. Learn and discover new facts about each photo by clicking on the info tab. Customize your dashboard, get direct, convenient web searches, keep track of your ToDo’s, and transform every browser new tab into your own personalized home page. You can even upload your own piece of art.

Quotes can be inspirational and motivational. Enjoy a wallpaper image of a new inspirational quote with every new tab for Chrome. Customize your new tab page for Chrome, and get motivated by HD wallpapers images of powerful inspirational quotes. My Quotes will help you stay focused and with amazing wallpaper images featuring inspirational quotes about life.

A big wild cat emanates a sense of power. Enjoy amazing HD wallpapers with every new tab. Here is something to roar about. Our planet is home to about 37 different species of wild cats including jaguar, leopard, lion, tiger, puma, and cheetah. Find out more about the world’s strongest cats by installing this amazing extension.

Tropical fish are extremely colorful. Enjoy colorful wallpaper images of tropical fish with every new tab for Chrome. For all you ocean lovers, enjoy beautiful wallpaper images with every New Tab. Discover the ocean with photos of different kind of fish, marine animals, reptiles and coral. Learn more about each type of animal or fish by clicking on the info tab and learn fun facts about them. Customize your dashboard as you please, transform every browser new tab into your own personalized home page.

Be ready to let the most beautiful bird species soar your spirit! Enjoy amazing HD wallpapers of exotic birds with every new tab. For all you bird lovers out there, enjoy a new wallpaper image of beautiful exotic birds with every New Tab, such as The Rainbow Lorikeet, the Golden Pheasant, The Quetzal, The Lear’s Macaw, The Northern Cardinal, Parrots, Lovebirds, Scarlet Ibis, Hummingbirds, Canaries, Barn Swallows, Sun Conure Parrots, Western Emeralds, Red Bellied Woodpeckers, Sparrows and much more.

Warning: extremely cute dog! Enjoy adorable pug HD wallpapers with every new tab. The Pug is a fun-loving short-faced dog, with large expressive puppy eyes, wrinkled forehead, innocent expression, and a lot of personality packed into a small package. Enjoy tons of adorable dog & puppy wallpapers every time you open a new tab.

A horse is a symbol of power and freedom. Enjoy amazing wallpapers of stunning horse breeds with every new tab. Horses are the full expression of how graceful a living being can be. Whose mind and heart do not resonate to the mystical beauty of form and freedom of spirit that all horses signify?