Why Cats Make Wonderful Companions

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If you’ve decided you’re ready to welcome a pet into the family, you’re probably wondering which type of animal you should get.

Some people opt for cats because they are easier to look after and ideal companions if you work full time or live in an apartment.

On top of being fluffy and adorable, cats are very loving if treated with care and can make wonderful pets that require less maintenance in terms of health and expenses.

Let us dive into why cats make wonderful companions and why you should have cats for company.

Cats Are Easy To Look After

While cats do have a notorious reputation for being aloof and unfriendly, there are many reasons why cats make the perfect pet.

Cats do not need daily walks, don’t make a mess if you have a designated area for the litter box, and short-haired breeds don’t require much effort for grooming. If you have a neutered cat, you will find that they’re pretty easy to look after and a delight to have around.


Even if you’re busy and unavailable for long periods, your cat will find its own entertainment and will only require a source of food and water.

Stroking And Playing With Cats is Comforting

Cats are loving and tend to enjoy being petted and stroked. This can be therapeutic for cat owners, reducing anxiety and creating positive emotions. Stroking and playing with your cat can be comforting as it creates a special bond between pet and owner, increasing feelings of love.


Observing your cat’s feline nature can also be a joy in itself because they can often be goofballs and behave in unusual ways, providing a good source of entertainment.

Cats Are Easy To Train

After the adoption process is complete and you bring your cat home, you may be worried that the potty-training process is time-consuming, and cleaning up after your cat is not something you look forward to.

potty trained cat

Rest assured, cats are naturally potty-trained, and bury their excrements without any need for training. You simply need to show your cat the litter box, whose purpose will quickly become apparent once it starts to smell the litter. This means that your house will remain fairly clean despite owning one or several cats.

Cats Are Clean And Don’t Smell

Cats are one of the cleanest animals and engage in self-care such as licking and cleaning their paws and body. They’re constantly engaged in self-grooming, making them very hygienic and free of any odors.

cat clean

Cats Won’t Make You Feel Guilty

Dogs tend to need more attention and may whine, moan and pull forlorn faces in an attempt to get you to interact with them. This can result in feelings of guilt, as you may feel bad for not paying attention to your dog, but cats are perfectly happy to be left alone to their whimsical nature.

cat at home

Cats are known to evoke positive emotions, making them an ideal companion.

Cats Are Not Noisy

Apart from some meowing, cats are generally quiet.If you lead a busy lifestyle and require peace and quiet at home, cats are the perfect pet and companion.

You can relax and enjoy your time with your cat, with fewer annoyances than other animals.

quiet cat

Keep in mind that you must ensure cats are neutered or spayed before you adopt them because they can be loud during their breeding season, which is usually in the winter.

Cats Are a Great Remedy For Loneliness

Many people can find that old age, the death of a partner or failure to get married can result in feelings of loneliness. We are social creatures after all, and a sense of belonging to family, friends, and the community at large is a primary need of ours.

Life happens, and circumstances sometimes do not allow people to develop deep and meaningful bonds with others, which can be a painful existence.

cute cat

Older people in nursing homes are sometimes abandoned by family members or suffer from mental illnesses that require treatment away from home. Keeping cats for company can be therapeutic for them and may help ease their pain and discomfort.

People living alone also benefit from adopting cats, as it can alleviate feelings of boredom and create a sense of joy in their lives. Animals and humans can form deep bonds, as has been apparent in the wild, where captive animals that are nurtured and released back have recognized and shown affection towards humans who looked after them.

Inter-species bonding is beautiful, and most of us mourn the deaths of our pets as if a family member has passed away.

Final Thoughts

There are numerous reasons why cats are wonderful companions, and if you’re looking to welcome a furry feline creature into your home, know that it is a great option.

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