Ideas To Keep Your Cat In Shape

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When it comes to keeping your cat in shape, the task might seem a little more complicated than when it comes to dogs.

Here are a few tricks and ideas for your cat to remain strong and healthy.

Cat in shape exercising

Watch their eating habits

Of course, the first step is to ensure a healthy diet for your pet. Buying quality cat food will provide healthy animal fats and limited carbohydrates. Another fun way to use food and keep it fun is to hide some of portions of their meal in different places around your house. Not only will this stimulate their mind and body, it will also activate their intuitive hunting behavior.

Cat in shape eating healthy food

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Make them play

Because of their short attention span, a two to five minute play session per day should be enough for your cat. Encouraging them to chase toys, play with paper bags or chase laser lights will entertain your feline and keep them in shape. Cats are also climbers, so owning a cat tree or cat condo is a great way to keep them moving.


Cat playing with a red yarn

Train your cat

Mostly the most difficult option, but training your cat to perform tricks is a great way to keep them in shape. A few examples of cat training could include teaching your cat to run to you from across the house or teach him to climb its tree when you shake a box of treats. The possibilities are infinite, and the more fun and engaging you are, the more inclined your cat will be to exercise.

Cat looking in shape

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