Tropical fish are extremely colorful. Enjoy colorful wallpaper images of tropical fish with every new tab for Chrome. For all you ocean lovers, enjoy beautiful wallpaper images with every New Tab. Discover the ocean with photos of different kind of fish, marine animals, reptiles and coral. Learn more about each type of animal or fish by clicking on the info tab and learn fun facts about them. Customize your dashboard as you please, transform every browser new tab into your own personalized home page.

My Start

Love to discover interesting places? Travel the world and learn about new places and landmarks with every new tab. Enjoy breathtaking photos of waterfalls, deserts, temples, villages, castles,…

Add to Chrome One more Chrome new tab extension has joined the My Start family- My Flowers! For centuries flowers have given much pleasure to people of the world. Their beauty has the special capacity of bringing cheer when somebody is ill or upset, their aromas can be used to make divine perfumes or they