Six Signs Your Dog Trusts and Loves You

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There is something special about the bond between a person and their dog.

You probably love your dog a lot and care about him deeply. You spend a lot of time playing with your dog, ensuring he is healthy, safe, warm, and fed. But how can you tell if your dog feels the same way about you?

Your dog can’t express how they feel about you.. It all comes down to his behavior and body language. Here are 6 signs your dog trusts you:

1. Eye Contact

For people, eye contact can mean several things. In general, though, it gives the impression that you are focused on and paying attention to someone. For dogs, however, eye contact can mean a lot more. When a dog makes eye contact with its owner, it shows that the dog really trusts the owner. Dogs are very perceptive and can pick up on the fact that humans like eye contact. They then imitate us by looking into our eyes. It is a great sign of trust that your dog does not perceive you as a threat.


2. Gives Immediate Response When You Call His Name

If your dog trusts and loves you, he will be quick and happy to respond anytime you call his name. If his eyes light up, his ears quirk up, his tail starts to wag, and he runs up to you quickly, it is obvious that your dog loves to have your attention and trusts you.

dogs running

In contrast, if a stranger were to call your dog’s name, he might be intrigued and look towards the stranger, but he will likely be more reserved and cautious.

3. He Asks You for Cuddles

Dogs usually don’t like hugs because they feel constricted and threatened. If your dog is coming to you for cuddles, it is a clear sign that your dog wants to be close to you, trusts you, and loves you. If your dog sleeps next to you, it shows that your dog trusts you with his life.

Dogs are especially vulnerable when they are sleeping and don’t like to feel exposed or open to threats. If your dog sleeps in your bed, it shows that he feels safe with you and knows you will protect him.

4. He Remains Calm When You Leave

Some dogs can get very worried or stressed when their owner leaves them alone. This separation anxiety stems from the idea that a dog’s owner might leave and not come back or that the dog might get hurt or in some kind of trouble when left alone.

calm dog

A dog that trusts their owner completely knows that they will always come back even if they leave for a little while. If your dog stays calm when you leave, it is a sign that your dog is completely sure of your love and trusts you fully.

5. Steals Your Shoes

While it may be annoying to find your shoes missing when you’re in a hurry to get to work or to find that your favorite pair of slippers have been chewed up, your dog stealing your shoes is actually a sign of love and trust.


Your dog misses you when you’re not around and likes to have something of yours close by at all times. Your shoes smell just like you and are a comfort to your dog while you’re away. If your dog can feel calm and relaxed with your possessions, imagine how calm and relaxed he must feel when he is with you.

6. He Comes to You for Guidance and Reassurance

If you’re ever in an unfamiliar environment or your dog is more anxious or shy, he may come to you for guidance and reassurance. For example, if you come across another dog during a walk, your dog may look back at you and wait for you to signal that he can interact with this new dog. This shows that your dog trusts your judgment and knows that you will always protect him.

Which of these six signs your dog trusts you did you know of, and which of these signs does your dog show you? If you love your dog and take good care of him, rest assured that he loves you back and trusts you.

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