Known as the typical domestic cat, the American Shorthair makes a great family cat. Easy to get along with other pets and children, the breed also has a very tolerant personality. Here’s a bit of history and a few points to know what to expect when living with an American Shorthair. 

Other than being sociable and opinionated, the Balinese cat is a smart, loyal and interesting breed. If you desire a cat who will enjoy your company and actually wait for you to come home from work, here’s everything you need to learn about this feline.

When it comes to keeping your cat in shape, the task might seem a little more complicated than when it comes to dogs – especially if you have an indoor cat. Here are a few tricks and ideas for your cat to remain strong and healthy.

There’s a reasons why cats make us so happy. It is because cats are very unique in their personalities! Whether they are crazy cute, affectionate, playful, cuddly and loving, or maybe naughty, lazy, independent and moody, one thing is sure: we love cats and our life is not complete without these little fluffy angels! Cats are indeed the playful companions that will bring you happiness in many ways.

American Bobtail cats are the result of a natural genetic mutation that causes a shortened tail.  In fact, it is a new breed that features beautiful colors and patterns like cinnamon, brown, chocolate, black, fawn, red, cream, and blue, with or without white.